Think of a family. Think of an Italian-Australian family that had a dream about bringing authentic Italian food to Australians. Now think about this family being passionate about making this dream turn into a reality…the Lubrano family brings YOU Sandhurst Fine Foods!

Vince Lubrano and his wife Geraldine founded Sandhurst Fine Foods in 1988. Together, with their sons Raymond & Mimmo, they all work together to own and operate Sandhurst. Each family member has their own role and responsibilities and they have lunch together everyday to keep each other informed.

Sandhurst revolves around strong family values that make the company what it is. Sandhurst products are not mass produced, but prepared in a home-style environment. This allows our products to maintain their authenticity and makes the difference when comparing our brand to the others that sit beside us on the shelves.

Vince, the founder of Sandhurst and now in semi-retirement; is responsible for developing all the recipes. His knowledge of authentic food that be brought with him from Italy and his natural ability to make flavours come together, continue to impress the palate of Australians. His passion for bringing authentic style antipasto from Italy and sharing it with Australia flows through his recipes. Vince is now dedicated to growing produce in his garden next to the Sandhurst factory.

In our family, our mother Geraldine ensures that the flavour profiles are right. She will often spot check Vince’s recipes and ensure that we haven’t missed out on adding a vital ingredient. She often checks the incoming produce for consistency, quality and presentation. For example, our fresh Eggplants are taken home for us to make ‘Parmiggiana’ to assess the quality of this produce.  She is the mother figure for everyone at Sandhurst!

Raymond and Mimmo, Vince and Geraldine’s sons, are an integral part of Sandhurst. They are involved in the everyday running of Sandhurst. Ray Lubrano overseas the entire production process and is involved in the logistics and operations functions of the business. Mimmo, the one you’ve heard on the radio ads and the youngest, handles all sales and marketing matters relevant to the company.

Now in its 25th year, Sandhurst Fine Foods continues to grow in both the foodservice and retail markets…..with one guarantee…all products come with the Lunrano Family seal of approval!

This is Sandhurst Fine Foods. We welcome you to our family!